Poke-Poke Story


Poke (pronounced pok-eh) is not merely seasoned ahi: It's a life style food and an affordable delicacy. A good description of poke is Hawaiian style tuna tar-tar.  It's fish (primarily Ahi) marinated in and mixed with onions and some other tasty veggies.  Hawaiians generally pick up poke to-go at convenience stores where it's prepared fresh. Poke can be dressed up to be served at "A-list" parties as a delicacy or served next to 7-layer dip at your BBQ. 

The same way poke is special, we think Poke-Poke is special.  Poke-Poke is the first Poke deli in Los Angeles.  We're also the only Poke deli to make poke to-order.  You can Customize your order anyway you want!

The founders, Trish and Jason McVearry are Venice residents.  Jason is a resident by way of Hawaii and LOVES cooking and especially loves making poke.  With our original recipes, we're bringing creative ahi poke to Los Angeles!  Stay tuned to our Blog for specials, new Poke Creations, news, and events.