Introducing Shiso Salmon, T's Tofu and JT's Spicy Poke to Los Angeles!


When we opened our ATX shop, we used the luxury of having a little more space to conduct some experiments with new recipes. We launched 3 new Poke recipes in Austin with very distinct approaches to poke and we're super stoked to offer these options for our Venice Beach Store! See pricing reflected on the Venice Menu here.

  • Shiso Salmon Poke: Sashimi grade salmon is a delicate and very rich fish so we needed to develop a very unique recipe for the salmon flavor profile. It took more than a month to hit a note we thought was PERFECT for salmon. The focus is a light approach with a bright earthy addition of shiso leaf (a japanese mint variation used often in sushi), cucumbers to add crunch and brightness and a touch of spice with Sambal. For salmon lovers, this is a must-try!
  • T's Tofu Poke: We have wanted to serve a good tofu dish for our vegetarian friends for a long time and finally developed a recipe we find to be savory and delicious. With Sambal, roasted peanuts and Fresh ginger as the highlights to this dish, vegetarians and non vegetarians will dig into the flavors!
  • JT's Spicy Poke: This poke is for people that LOVE heat. JT's includes all the spicy elements we offer including chili oil, crushed red pepper flake, jalapenos, ginger, Sambal and Sriracha. With carrots to add crunch and Avocado already added to this recipe.. it's an easy go-to for spice lovers that don't feel like making a lot of decisions!

Without further ado, Los Angeles Poke eaters, welcome to the next level of flavors from Poke-Poke.. The Original Poke Shop Since 2010.

Jason McVearryComment